PUBG: $30 On Xbox One, New Map, 1.35 Million Concurrent, and More

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Welcome back to ReadyplayerQ! Today, we go over all of the new PUBG news and talk about what it means for Xbox One. Thanks for watching!

*Apologies for the recycled gameplay


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  1. PubG Early access…buggy, glitchy…BUT..great fun to play, in spite of that..(or sometimes because of..some glitches are hilarious). The game has a clearly defined goal and outcome, it's easy to learn the basics, but takes skill to play well constantly. It's capable of some great emergent game play and is also fun to watch streamers play it. A recipe for huge success all in all.

  2. This is awesome news, i have a moderate laptop so i can’t play pubg on there, i tried. So i can’t wait to play it on the xbox one!! Plus the price is good, worth every penny.

  3. What about on disk is it being released on disk?Cause I don't bye anything off the store unless I use Microsoft points or whatever they call it now. Cheers man nice vid 🎮

  4. GUYS YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!! PUBG will come to Xbox eventually. There will also be new maps and content eventually. Now I don't know when this will happen of course but it will happen eventually.

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