Potential Fix for Minecraft Skins Not Appearing

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Having problems with your Minecraft Custom Skin not showing up in game? I found a potential fix here.

Music by Ninety9Lives
Distrion & Cediv – Dohi
Video Link: http://99l.tv/Dohi
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Album Download Link: http://99l.tv/LuckyBlock

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Outro Music By:
NOQQYSC on Youtube
Splatoon Splatfest Battle Theme (Ink Me Up) Remix

Much of the Music Now of Days comes from Ninety9Lives
I will include each Separate track information per video.




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  1. I'm having a problem on 1.12 where on servers I can't see my skin or anyone else's there just Steve including me anyone have a fix

  2. I have tried everything to get my minecraft to work. I downloaded forge on the new mc launched, downloaded mods, they don't work. So I keep trying to make it work. I finally give up on that launcher and deleted everything (Besides screen shots, i put that on my desktop) And then i downloaded the old mc launcher, everything downloaded alright. So then I run it. (this is on 1.12.2 by the way) Then I see that my skin doesn't show up. My friend joins me on my server. Her skin doesn't show up either. I don't know what to do. If you need more info just ask. Please help, I'm so desperate xD

  3. Im having a problem that makes all my downloaded skins disappear, and i need help. No one out there has posted any kind of help or fix

  4. I have an issue with my Minecraft. None of the Minecraft skins will load at all. They are just Steve and Alex. I've tried multiple versions but nothing happened.

  5. My skin has both an overlay and body, I created it and checked it. It won't work on 1.14, other people can see my skin and everyone elses, but I can't see anything other than the Steve and Alex skin

  6. I HAVE A FIX MY FELLOW MINECRAFTERS! Go to control panel > programs > programs and features > search for the program named "Premier Opinion" uninstall that sucker and RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. This works for all versions, for whatever reason, it prevents connection to a service that downloads everyone else's skins so you can it. Hoped I helped. HAVE A GREAT DAY

  7. Every time I choose a skin (apart from Steve and Alex) , the skin doesn’t appear/it’s invisible, it only works on Steve and Alex, anyone knows how to fix it?

  8. I don’t think this will make sense to anyone, but I have this one of a kind issue :/

    – If i had a skin saved and i changed into it, it would be invisible. It’s like a time thing, like if I couldn’t save my skins for a long time..

  9. 1.14.4 I'm having a problem: the custom skin is showing up as Steve. Normally if the skin has a blank spot anywhere all the skin goes black, but at least I can find out what the issue is if all the skin is black. I don't know why it's steve

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