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Minecraft has its own pokemon go edition called pixelmon, This pokemon has all the new Generations added in its updates, There is a pokeman tracker which i did not use but it can track any pokemon within the kanto map of minecraft. This is quite a fun Adventure Pokemon map for minecraft and would recommend people Download this pokemon go MOD. You can download the pixelmon mod for pokemon go on the website below and it’s free. You get loads of free pokeballs to choose from including health centres and pokestops. This minecraft mod is quite old but they are continuously updating new pokemon to it so go and check it out.

Pokemon Go Mod Download

Kanto Minecraft Map Download

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  1. Get: https://www.atlauncher.com/downloads
    then install and log in with your MC acc
    then go to packs then get the Pixlemon craft mod
    then go to packs and add/install it you can then play Pokemon in minecraft, theres multiplayer and single player
    go on multi player and stream 😀 then everyone includeing ME can join you on it and we can all have fun LIVE
    just a small suggestion 😀

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