PlayStation Music: How To Listen While Gaming | PS4

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On your PS4™ console, use the Quick Menu to change up the soundtrack to your game. Visit to learn more.


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  1. Unless you're playing PS2 games… or a game published a stupid publisher, or developed by a stupid developer and it's disabled for no reason.

    Sony, you don't give options for devs to not have trophies. So stop giving the option to disable Spotify. kthx

  2. No no no I won't pay 6 euros per month for library of music that I might not like I rather rip my CD's or copy my favorite tracks bought from bandcamp to USB. But what I find really annoying is that you can't choose/browse through tracks in quick menu and you have to go back to dashboard open usb player and then change a select and double press PS button to get back to game. Wow.. also having a PS4 PRO and not having CD player and 4K bluray player really sucks so UPDATE MKV (OPEN SOURCE) CODEC so I can play 4K movies on 4K machine !!!!

  3. I did but I am not very happy. Yes, I can listen to music for free but why purchase Spotify premium JUST to go on without ads? I know other apps and games do this, so this is targeting them a bit too. There have been numerous times when I'm just in my room, chatting away to my friends and listening to music, until I start scrolling through the music to see what else there is, and not only does an ad inconvenience me, but sometimes a song I don't want to hear plays and it shows up as an ad, so I can't skip it and I have to sit through it. I am not happy about this. If this is a bug, fine, I forgive you but please try fixing it if you can but if this is purposely, I am outraged. I'm talking about the ad-song thingamajig, not the advert thing.

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