Pick-A-Dilly Pair for the Apple II

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Game description:

Pick-A-Dilly Pair is a memory game for 1-6 players and various game modes.
You can also play with music or without.

What I think:

A nice memory game, maybe the best you can get for the Apple II.


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  1. I LOVE this game too. I used to play it back in the early 90's.  I have an I phone, and I wish there was  a Pick – A – Dilly – Pair I phone app!! 😉

  2. Yeah, I liked this game, too. I liked the animated characters and the tunes that went with them. I'm familiar with all but three of the songs, though. The ones whose names I don't know go with pairs 19 & 21, 12 & 31, and 20 & 24. Anyone know?

  3. My Grandpa gave me this program on a 5.25" disk for the Apple II. I used to play it on those green monitors. Brought it to first grade or something. Thought it was magic!! My first software!! The other kids thought I was royalty. I thought it was called Pick-a-dilly Square. Except they are rectangles.

  4. OH WOW… I forgot this existed but I was obsessed with it as a kid in early primary school… thanks for the memory im spinning out!

  5. Definitely a lost treasure of the Apple II days. I remember playing this in elementary school and actually being scared by some of the animations with the music turned on. But that could be alleviated by turning it off. I also like how in Joker and Villian the board changes dynamically, although it doesn't look like it on the face, to ensure that there are no unmatchable cards at the end. I'd recommend this to anyone. 🙂

  6. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I used to play this in first grade and remember all the little 8-bit tunes and detailed animation (by Apple II standards)! Such goodness and nostalgia!

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