PALADIN’S STRIKE – COOL NEW 2018 iOS/Android GAME – Beginner’s Let’s Play #1

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Found this new game called paladin’s strike that just came out for mobile ios and android and today im giving it a shot for my first lets play! It combines a lot of overwatch, arena of valor, league of legends and brawl stars concepts all into one game! enjoy!
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  1. Definitely think you should keep streaming. Paladins is a well known game and this game is great. Matches don't take an hour like other mobas.

  2. it’s been a minute and i already hate the video. sorry not my style. i wish i had something positive to say tbh. good luck with future vids and all ✌🏻

  3. I have loved this game and the Desktop Paladins for a long time – you should give that a try too. There are too few streamers doing good things with that game and it's even better than Overwatch though considered a clone(more champions – more tweaks) More Paladins! Get Molt to Join you too!

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