=OUTDATED, NEW VID= World's Largest Minecraft Map

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UPDATE: This is no longer the world’s largest. Click here to see the current one:

This is currently the world’s largest map to be put on a wall in Minecraft. It is a total of 2002 maps. Even though the stream did go on longer than I was hoping, many people joined, including AntVenom! If you haven’t seen my first largest map, you should check that out too! Here is:




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  1. I feel like ive done bigger, spent 18 gb mapping a world once…..
    Did it with speed cheats tho i could only move as fast as the world would render

  2. Wow, lot of negative comments. I haven’t seen anything on this channel before, however, I think this episode deserves some respect and admiration. Come on people.

  3. Hey Xelanater Ellevanox !
    First off awesome job!
    Second – whats that weird grey stuf in the bottom right of the left map. It starts from the center map. Are the maps corrupted – or did you just stripp mine the whole area. Whats the story? Also roughly, where is spawn? Maybe you adress this on the stream but don't have the time to rewatch the whole stream.
    Again Godda say – Good job! Well done!

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