Number Munchers for the Apple II

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Came also out for:


Game description:

Learn basic math skills with Number Munchers. Keep your Muncher away from the Troggles by munching on multiples, factors, prime numbers, equalities, and inequalities. If you can stay away from the Troggles and earn enough points, you’ll be part of the Muncher Hall of Fame.

What I think:

Surprisingly quite fun educational game.
(Since it is a maths one, it is even more suprising)


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  1. This was my favorite game back in the day when I was in the 3rd grade. I play this until I got into middle school. This game. Is never to old to play this game taught me my mulitpcation and counting 2s

  2. Even more nostalgic…play it with a  green and black screen. I remember our computer lab only had a few with full color and we also ran to get those first.

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  4. I hate the sound this game makes when you get a wrong answer. Now imagine an entire computer lab making that sound over and over. It's terrible and this game gave me nightmares.

  5. Say I've remember this game when I was in second grade & also at 0:35 that sound that I hear got me laughing alot when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It really tickle me on this part. One of my childhood memories. I seen this game when I was at the local elementary school.

  6. OMG the nostalgia!!! The atrophied synapsis this is firing when I hear the sound of numbers being munched. I can't believe I remember it! This is just wonderful.

  7. Ah, the memories. Sitting in the school's computer lab in the early 90's playing this, The Oregon Trail, and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. Good times!

  8. Yep I remember this game and Oregon Trail. When computers were basic lol Even though it was basic we still had fun playing it.who new those games would evolve into what they are now

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