Notch Is Upset With Modern Day Minecraft

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The different between Notches original vision for Minecraft & its current state

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  1. I feel sad too, unlimited American fight, and China copyer, original survive mode get dim, China version, American version… Jesus. Anyway maybe this is the best choice.
    Anyway I think 1.8 is a broder, after 1.8 is American people made

  2. You can still get a ton of mods and texture pack from modders for free on PC, luckely.
    No idea how it works on consoles though.

  3. I remember back when minecraft was good. Microsoft is ruining the game i wish someone else bought it first. I mean i like some update features but ABSOLUTELY not minecoins

  4. Microsoft is basically pushing Minecraft to the ground and stabbing it with a Sharpness level 255 diamond sword. I mean, in the Bedrock Edition (the version I play), you have to have a Microsoft account to play the game at all, you have to pay a monthly fee to make a Realm, a world that other people can be in even when you aren't there (e.g., when you constantly get disconnected from Nintendo Switch Online because your walls contain metal and your bedroom is on the opposite side of the house from the modem), and…MICROTRANSACTIONS!? I don't get an allowance and I can't burn money on maps and skins, 99% of which are not worth the outrageous prices. (BTW, there's an awesome map by Logdotzip available December 4th, you guys should go check it out… ;D) On a more serious note, there are so many great things in 4J Studios's Legacy Console Edition that are absent from Bedrock Edition. Like, how about the convenient, easy-to-use banner crafting system? Or the Battle, Tumble, and Glide minigames? Or the tutorial world? Or a Creative menu that actually makes sense and doesn't have raw food and cooked food separated? Or swapping the functions of the sticks if using (L) to look around and (R) to walk is more comfortable for you? Or custom Superflat worlds? Or having status effects in the inventory instead of a separate menu that uses up a button? Or monsters wearing pumpkins on Halloween? Or damaging the Ender Dragon with snowballs, which are easy to get? Or redstone quasiconnectivity? Or Nether wart growing on any soul sand and Wither skeletons spawning anywhere in the Nether, instead of only Nether fortresses? Or Blazes dropping glowstone dust? Or having grass paths in the Creative inventory? Or being able to exit the world without saving or save without exiting the world? And, worst of all, WHY NO FURNACE MINECARTS!?

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