Nintendo on Apple and Android – Will We See Mario on iPhone?

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Nintendo goes mobile on iPhone and Android and hints at a new console! Let’s talk about it.



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  2. When was Nintendo ever not cool. I have had a Snes, Gameboy/Color/Advance/ can not remember what this on is called Ps Ps2, Xbox, Gamecube, i currently have Wii Wii U
    i think in that order and as you can see there is an weight of Japan/Nintendo consoles or hand helds
    I mean yeah PlayStation games are cool cause i played  FF games
    But how can you not like Mario, Pikichu kirby yoshi and and all those characters with stories (for got link and zelda)
    oh i almost forgot i have a PSP and a DS
    What don't i like about Nintendo

  3. Nintendo should make the very first smart gaming counsel phone,
    there not going to be able to do it successfully without partnering with a big-time company like Apple or Samsung.

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