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  1. i love the idea of a smaller map that adds space vertically as what the desert map is doing Lots of 4+ story buildings means the amount of play area should be the same, but results in a lot less chasing of the cicle, and involves more close quarter combat. should be a nice change of pace!

  2. Any idea on when the map is said to be released? I know they said they want to work on optimization as much as possible before working on new stuff even though they're more than likely working on both

  3. Lol is he starting to make informational videos instead of actually getting gameplays to upload? Like all those news call of duty channels but then for pubg.. what a sellout. And hes promoting gameflip who mrobably rips people off or robs people off their items to sell on their site..

  4. City has narrow roads for driving….I guess more driving fails video would be coming in YouTube after the new update of dis map will come😂😂…and there is very less terrains to use den as a hiding spot or take cover🤔…great video bruh u never waste my tym like other u tubers..that's the reason why I am ur subscriber

  5. I just wanna point about about the bikecycle is not gonna be a new vehicle, its just a bike rack another annoying object thats gonna block you just like the guard rails, other then that can't wait for the new map

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