MrJR87’s Video Game Review: Prince Of Persia for The Apple Macintosh – FAILED attempt

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God. Too long since I played Prince Of Persia on the old Apple Maintosh Performa 6200

Here’s my….embarassing attempt on the game. LMAO I also put my commentry to it as well, like my expressions to the game. etc
enjoy. 8D

Prince of Persia is (C) 1991 Broderbund Software and Macintosh


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  1. I emulated this game on Basilisk and Sheepshaver, thought it runs really slow but by seeing you play it on an actual mac well suited for the game here's a conclusion: the Mac version is actually a butchered port when it comes to gameplay. The DOS version runs smoother and quite a bit faster. It's sad to see as the graphics on Mac are really good but after playing the game on DOS and on SNES that is even faster than that this is unplayable.

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