Miramar Changes – PUBG 1.0 Update #4 – Patch Notes

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  1. None of these updates mean shit until they fix hit reg/Ping issues. I lost count of how many times I shot someone, saw blood squirt out of them and died and on the death cam it shows that I didn’t even fire my weapon.

  2. These Miramar changes were exactly what it needed. I wasn't expecting the devs to understand our needs, but they did an amazing job.

  3. I think most of your subs like more realistic games, like pubg en escape from tarkov, and thats probably why the fortnite video didnt do well. (This also is counts for me, i am here for pubg but tactical realistic games like EFT are fun too watch also).

  4. you have a great voice! but occasionally you raise your talking speed to levels where people outside the us could have problems understanding you. thats the only thing. keep up the great work pal

  5. Making vids for 3 different games makes it so your subs need to like all three of them. I don't play EFT or Fortine so I'm tempted to unsub because 2/3 of your content is not very interesting to me.

  6. After 500 hours I rarely saw a hacker. In the last week I've seen more than I ever had. Hopefully it's bad luck but it's total shit

  7. Make a video where you play on OC TPP servers I can almost guarantee that you will come across a cheater at least once per two or three games. They are rampid on the OC TPP servers

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