Minecraft Tutorial: Iron Age House (How to Build a Survival Base) +download

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Minecraft Tutorial: Iron Age House (Scottish Broch). Block by block tutorial to build an iron aged house from Scotland. This house also makes an excellent survival base with room for animals, storage, beds, fire, crafting benches, furnaces and much more. There is room for many player to use this well defended base that has thick walls and secret rooms.
Wiki link to Scottish Broch:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broch

Round Iron Age House Tutorial:https://youtu.be/8wCgUYWpisU
Crannog (Water Survival Base):https://youtu.be/AY1-vpRCCvc
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptkjpeu5nm4yqjl/crannog.zip
Coordinates: -1168 66 190
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  1. Hi Andy – I've got a wee message for you from my husband, who is an archaeologist (we both love MC). He's done digs on brochs before and says that you've made a brilliant combination of being accurate in terms of archeological knowledge and the build being practical for MC. He thinks it's "really, really, really good!" We both think it looks amazing! Oh, and he also says that the entrance would always face South (making the most of the sunshine!) which we think you might have done in your build? The way you've laid it out internally, dividing the space into quarters, matches the predominate theory about how iron age roundhouses, including brochs, were used – particularly placing the sleeping areas in the last two quarters going clockwise from the entrance. So, he's blown away – and I'm about to invoice him for secretarial work 😛 Fantastic Andy – it's a real pleasure watching your builds. 🙂

  2. I know in the video you mentioned that you wouldn't be able to copy the stairs block by block but I managed to do that with relative ease. I just wanted to share that the build wasn't too fast nor was the camera too cramped to do so.

  3. hey ik that this build is absuloooootly epic ….but erm the fire….. you need to improve the fire……. just a little tip for the fire use stained glass and stained glass pains to create detailed fire for your future builds

  4. BTW i love your tutorials ive been following for a while and cant wait to see more 5×5 building system tutorials. ive been trying to use the system abit more in my builds

  5. I like this build the most of all! Historical and nice to build in survival! Im surviving in a new world and building the same broch!!! Thank you very much for this design!

  6. I am so excited to start this project! I'm going back to Scotland next spring and heading to Caithness while there. I've been learning about the brochs and can't wait to visit the sites in person 🙂 Thanks so much for this build!

  7. I'm not sure if anyone's linked this before but this is where I first heard about Brochs:
    It's from a series called Time Team and it's really fantastic in it's simplicity at teaching history and archeology. I wish we had educational TV like this in North America.

    Anyways, love the build and the channel, you have lots of great stuff on here and I think it shows how a video game like Minecraft has educational value.

  8. Genuinely nice video, great build, actually really quite amazing, little bit of constructive criticism here: Use a texture pack that makes it easy (or, possible) to count the blocks with the eyes. I had no idea how long this wool line was to build in the second wall, and as of right now, I'm still trying to figure it out.

  9. Hi Andy
    I just had a documentation about brochs in my recommended. I had to watch it. It was quite interesting. https://youtu.be/mLQiz30lfZM
    And while reading through the comment section of said video I've found a comment of the team that want to build one. They have done a crowdfunding. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/lets-build-a-broch/updates#start
    I thought you find this interesting as well. Maybe in one of my future holidays I will go to Scotland an visit one in person.

  10. Oh my god, this truly is an amazing build right here mate. I'm going to try and build one of these on Rga's server somewhere, I like trying to recreate amazing builds and this is defo one that i look forward to making. Your defo getting creditting for it.

  11. Kinda driving me nuts. Tried to copy block for block. Got to about 1:40 and got to the 4 2 2 1 bit and nothing lines up? 4 2 2 and 1 fit on 1 side. The outside ends up falling too close on the other side. I've gone back and measured the outer walls and they are "exact" as the video. Really don't know where I went wrong.

  12. At 17:10 how do you get the banners to stay like that? I can't get them to be long like that unless there is a block or something behind it. And you're still able to pass through it like a curtain? How do you build those

  13. i love your builds last year your roman villa caught my eye and since ive been in love with your vids. i love the way you give history with your build it is amazing and my kids enjoy it so much. Truly thank you so much

  14. Hi andyisyoda, great historically, practical build, a lot of thought into the construct and even your own twist with it being a Minecraft inspired build. Loved it! 😀❄🎥

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