Minecraft – The Golden Apple

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The Enchantment Table – http://youtu.be/WwTK42FRUDg

Just incase you were wondering how to make a cool potion called Potion of Fire Resistance.

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Golden Apples are moderately difficult to obtain, but are the most beneficial Food item. They are extremely rarely found in Dungeon, Stronghold, and Abandoned Mine Shaft chests, though they can also be obtained by crafting a Red Apple and eight Gold Nuggets together. Eating one heals , and grants enhanced regeneration for 4 seconds, regardless of hunger level. They are considered to be very valuable to players and are often kept as a kind of trophy, although it is now easier to obtain after 1.1.0. When in your inventory, Golden Apples shine purple.
They are the only food items that cause temporary constant health regeneration that is not dependent on the player’s hunger. This is indicated by the line of hearts bobbing up and down in a wave pattern, with each full wave restoring half a heart.
Compared with potions of regeneration, golden apples are available for fighting monsters before you are able to brew or even go to the Nether in single player mode. This is especially true for Blaze, who are the sole source of Blaze Rods needed for brewing.
They always completely restore the food saturation meter.
Golden Apples also are stackable up to 64 like other food, unlike restoration potions which take up a inventory space with just one.

Red Apple Usability
Pros – Red Apples can be used as a crafting ingredient to make golden apples
Apples are a renewable resource and can be harvested alongside wood.
Cons – Red Apples can be difficult to obtain in bulk, as they only exist naturally in Strongholds and as rare drops from Oak Leaves.
Red Apples restore only two hunger.
Golden Apples are outclassed by Potions of Regeneration, which can be made in groups of three.

Red Apples were added to the game in early Indev. When Indev was still new, Apples were items brought in to replace Brown Mushrooms to heal health. The player would spawn in an Indev House by a chest containing 99 Apples and other tools. In later updates, the chests inside the House were removed, and Apples became impossible to find in a map.
Apples remained impossible to find (without inventory editing or server /give) until Survival Multiplayer, in which one could be obtained by killing Notch. In addition to his inventory, Notch would drop a Red Apple.
In Beta 1.8, apples were made available in the chests in strongholds.
In post-1.0.0 weekly build 11w48a, Oak Leaves have a 1/200 chance of dropping a Red Apple when destroyed. This means Red apples, and thus golden apples, are renewable resources

Minecraft is a sandbox-building independent video game written in Java originally by Swedish creator Markus “Notch” Persson and now by his company, Mojang, formed from the proceeds of the game. It was released as an alpha on May 17, 2009, with a beta version on December 20, 2010. Official releases for iOS and Android have been released and the full version of the PC game was released on November 18, 2011 at MineCon 2011. The Android release was temporarily exclusive to the Xperia Play but is now available to the rest of the Android market. A version of the game for the Xbox 360 with Kinect support is under development by 4J Studios and delayed until 2012.


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  1. u dont understand , they are very useful its like a potion of regeneration but gives u fire resistance , resistance and makes u regenerate hearts really fast they will really help u with mobs or even pvp's

  2. Way too late, but still relevant.

    The stronger Golden Apple is made with 8 Gold blocks.
    A Gold block is made from 9 Gold ingots.
    In real life, a standard Gold ingot weighs 27.5 lbs.
    So the equation would be (27.5 x 9) 8 = 1980 lbs.

    The Golden Apple would almost weigh one ton. I don't understand where they got 154 from.

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