[Minecraft Talents] District-127 by Eremilion + DOWNLOAD

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Discover new Talents with ElysiumFire !
Today we introduce you a Map by Eremilion!

PMC + DOWNLOAD : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/district-127—memory-of-the-ashes/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/EremilionMC?lang=fr

Cinematic by ReMasterX

Render 3D (minature) : MrBatou

Music : String Theory – Epic Dubstep Music

– Forge 1.10.2
– Optifine
– ReplayMod
– Shaders Continuum 1.3
– Resource pack realistico
– After Effects
– Premiere



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  1. This build is awesome again!

    Everything fits nicely together with one little exception. At 1:15 there is Lava on the floor. Because Orange Lava and Orange clay looks have no contrast to each other, this detail doesn't look as good as it could have. I would either make a beach of burned land around it or leave it completely away. But as sad before, the rest is perfect and this is just a minor detail.

  2. The glass tube and the land outside it reminds me of this old adventure time episode where fin and hake have to escort these delicious tarts across a place like this and one of them is poisonous, and is used as a decoy.

  3. Map is amazing, but the editing is really not doing it for me. Bad effects, constantly blurring or darkening, and even just twisting the design we're trying to see.

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