Minecraft Better Together Beta- Map Scale Tutorial

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfaJlwjUi40 –~–
Trying to figure out the map scales. I think I finally got a good handle on it. With coordinates it would be a lot easier!

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  1. There's a reason why I play console, because I don't like the other versions. I'm sick of paying for different versions of PE. I have it on my phone, my daughters phone, windows 10, VR and Xbox. BTW how do I get the Beta on X box? I didn't register for it.

  2. I just started playing the new version and this map thing won't work. I made a normal map and tried doing the paper thing but nothing happens. Any reason why? Thanks!

  3. I hate the new maps. The don't even connect properly because they don't align. Part of a previous map will be on a new map, and I can't even change the scale until I've activated it. It sucks they are so zoomed in when you make them. These maps are possibly the worst for me, especially without coordinates.

  4. So for the map wall achievement as of this update(better together aka no coordinates fuck you guys) what scaling is required for a 3×3 map wall that is made of "completely explored" maps? If I could just do scale of 1 that would be awesome but I bet it'll be scale 4 size 😐

  5. I dont really like the map scaling. I go outside the map i created back in the console editon and create a map thats zoomed in. If i make it bigger, half of the 1st map will be on the 2nd map i just made. Do you know how to fix this?

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