Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Mobile Info And Gameplay – Android/Apple Mobile Game

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Are you curious about Shadow Of War’s mobile game? Look no further because here I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the game!

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As we all know mobile spin off games don’t have good reputation around dedicated gamers. Usually these spin offs tend to feel lackluster and just a horrible scheme to squeeze out money from our pockets. Warner Bros and developer IUGO Mobile are taking a different approach to Shadow of War’s mobile game. The mobile game doesn’t try to replicate the gameplay from the game it is originating from however it still keeps the Middle Earth vibe. Unlike the official Shadow of War game, you’ll be able to control up to 4 “heroes” at once through a top-down perspective in the mobile version. You can customize the heroes you obtain to prepare for upcoming battles. Just like any free to play mobile game, shadow of war’s mobile game has an energy counter, in-game currency, and paid currency.

The story takes place after the time frame of Shadow of Mordor and during the time frame of Shadow of War in which Celebrimbor and Talion set out on a journey to create a new ring in order to defeat Sauron and his forces of evil. It’s hard to tell if both the console/pc version of the game and the mobile version will have a story that intertwines or not. With what we already know, the story of the two sound very similar.

So I told you guys earlier I’d tell you how to be the first to get your hands on the mobile game, well here’s how: All you need to do is visit ShadowOfWar.com/mobile , put in your date of birth. After that click on Pre-Register now and then click on Google Store or Apple Store. If you have the Apple Store, then you’ll need to fill out your information and click on Pre Register, if you choose Google Play store than it’ll take you to the google play store and then you click on pre register.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Mobile Game is available for Pre-Register / Pre-Order Here: https://shadowofwar.com/mobile/

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