Microsoft wants to buy Minecraft and Apple Watch gets its first game – News Flash

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According to sources familiar with the matter game studio Mojang will be bought by Microsoft and iArm Wrestle Champs is the first game for Apple Watch. All that and much more in your Thursday news flash!

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  1. Will Microsoft still keep Minecraft open for all systems and let anyone have it.
    Minecraft is free this is why it did sale 50,000,000 copy and not 7,000,000 if even that by letting anyone play it people try and then buy it.

  2. I bought an Xbox One in México, it had a malfunctioning disc drive, it didn't even read the discs, I called Microsoft México for a replacement, all they offered was to fix the faulty one 😒

  3. i really don't want Microsoft to buy Minecraft. It's not that I don't like Microsoft its just I don't want them to make it Xbox only so I can only play it there I don't have an Xbox and they will might make me pay for updated content and eventually get board and scrap it.  

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