MEETING APPLE’S PARENTS (Minecraft Roleplay)

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Hello and welcome to a Minecraft Apple Special, today we get to meet Apple’s Parents. If you have ever wondered who would raise such a crazy fruit case then today’s episode is for you. After waking up in the morning Barney goes downstairs just to find Apple pointing a loaded gun at him, that was when Barney asked Apple who would raise such a thing as Apple. Well Apple wanted Barney to find out so he took him over to his parent’s house for dinner. Any way guys I hope that you enjoy this Minecraft Roleplay of meeting Apple’s parents and as always Dirts, Have Great Day 🙂

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  1. Apple " You do that again and I'll kill you"
    Barney "Ok I won't"
    *walks in room with parents
    Barney " You're son just threatened my life"
    (Sorry if that's not the exact quotes)

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