Making Minecraft Skins FOR MY FRIENDS

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I made skins of some of my irl friends who play Minecraft! I think it’s one of my best yet!
Hope this can cheer up some of those post election blues~!
▼▽▼ ~~ OPEN ME FOR DETAILS!! ~~ ▼▽▼
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~( •-•)~ SOCIAL STUFFS ~(•-• )~
► Twitter: @PixelBeanie
► Instagram: @PixelBeanie
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► Skinseed: @PixelBeanie
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► Skype: abpublic
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~( •-•)~ IMPORTANT ~(•-• )~
•The art I make is priced accordingly to how long it takes me to make. Please don’t ask for free art, the answer will always be no.
•I don’t do collabs with other channels, I only record with my few friends, sorry! You can add me on Skype though.
•If you’re looking for help on art, I have tutorials! Please don’t ask me directly for help, I don’t have time to help everyone individually ;-;
•Please don’t come to me with YouTube Network or SMP invites, I’m not looking for any of those, sorry.
•If you’re looking for me to possibly make skins for a Minecraft music video or such, I have done this in the past, but I must genuinely like past stuff you’ve made, and want to help out. If you make really crappy ones, I’m not going to accept the job application, sorry. (I don’t do it for free either, but if it’s in bulk the prices will be much lower)



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  1. Lol I dont like it on Skindex I love it in Planet Minecraft I wanna follow your account and get them all xD its so cool thats why i reallh dont wanna steal but its just so cool i cant stop it

  2. This channel is truly amazing!  It really helped learn how to use color theory in making skins.  It also got me to memorize the tune to Cake by the Ocean.  Could be useful one day?

  3. I was so so proud of my skin, and after seeing this… I feel so embarrassed! You are doing a really good work. I seriously love ❤ it so much. I wish I can do even half what you're doing :(. I want a new good skin similar to yours now, but that is hilariously hard!!!!

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