1. hey eunice gaming can you make me a skin it's a boy dark to light brown using little dark jeans with some shoe sneakers also a black bracelet the hair is also dark to light brown overlay with bangs should be covered half of the left eye with hair and hoodie that is from light to dark red and little white also a headphone which is black and white and a creeper face at the back the color of the creeper should be black

    btw love you so much pls read this comment keep doing what your doing and also best mine craft skin editor love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can you make a skin for me a wolf girl with only the ears and long burnette hair and one red eye and one torqouse eye, Please! It would so nice of you! Thxs Eunice Gaming! XD

  3. Can you do a boy skin with light brown hair, hazel green eyes, a hoodie (any color), ripped jeans, and white shoes?? BTW, I love watching your videos of making skins, you're so good ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I don't want a skin but can you make a girl with a blue eyes and the other eye purple the make her brown hair super long and then a cute hoodie with jeans!!

  5. Can u make me a skin a mermaid princess with a gold crown pink hair blue eyes pink purple and blue tail and anything else you want to add I want you to come up with your own creative additional ideas <(^u^)>

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