Making a MORE REALISTIC ELEVATOR in Minecraft!

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This is my favourite redstone build ever.
I managed to make a really simple, and simply beautiful elevator in Minecraft 1.13!

World download:

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My server is kindly provide by CubedHost free of charge!
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My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined.

Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
outro: ProleteR – April Showers


Upload Schedule:

Tuesday – Redstone
Wednesday – Hermitcraft
Thursday – Redstone
Friday – Hermitcraft
Saturday – Redstone
Sunday – Hermitcraft



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  1. This version doesn't work (anymore ?) on java 1.14.4 and need an update : You can do only 3 of the 4rth possibilities to call an elevator :
    – Elevator on the bottom and going to the top
    – Elevator on the top and going to the bottom
    – Elvator on the top and calling it from the bottom, so it reaches you and then you can go on the top

    The last option is calling the elevator from the top when the elevator itself is on the bottom : when you send the signal, the elevator block itself and the system gets broken.

  2. is anyone else having a problem with this build breaking? i built everything, and it all works for a few times, and then it just decides to get stuck right before it hits the bottom by one block and breaks the system. downloaded the map and it does the same thing there too. is it a timing issue? like does something just fall a tick behind?

  3. Makes a tutorial on how to make an elevator. doesn't show how he makes the elevator. just a few snaps and your done and i how no clue what anything dose because i don't know what way witch blocks go and you don't say how much room it's going to take no clue how to wired it dose it have repeaters what tick. how many blocks am i going to need. how do i stop it. the first one you make is not even used why is it there it dose nothing but confuse me and make me have to start again and tare every thing out that i had. this can't even be called remotely close to a tutorial because well there is no tutorial it's just done

  4. Extended Pistons are not movable so the door could be directly in front of the elevator. The door closing before the elevator starts is even more realistic.

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  6. Complete noob to minecraft, but is there a video that shows how to access downloaded builds from your saves folder & insert them into your own world because I cannot get it to work?

  7. my biggest complaint is asking myself "what the fuck did he just do?

    "do this, then this" is a very frustrating instruction (without describing what you are doing)

  8. youre good at what you do, but your teaching style is horrible. i cant follow along with this video for the life of me. the only and first thumbs down from me on any of your videos

  9. I think you could make a easy multi floor one, you could choose your floor before you go and then a piston comes out above that floor to stop you there.

  10. important update: to anyone who has downloaded at isn't working, here's why:
    1) at the top there are slabs not full blocks under the pressure plates.
    2) in the red wool section at the bottom there is one repeater set to 1 tick, it should be set to 4. (without this calling from the top when the elevator is at the bottom will break the mechanism)
    3) also swap out the plates for buttons you maniacs XD

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