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Acclaimed writer Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us) weaves a gripping tale through the aftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon. Playing out in real time, you will stay in communication with Taylor through notifications on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, making life or death decisions and facing the consequences together. Will your choices keep Taylor alive until rescue arrives?


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    I ended on moment where Taylor was in computer room with the green rats, and 5 people outside, so these 5 people is Varia's crew (dead crew with green eyes) so, they gave him little green alien and this green thing killed him from inside.
    I cried. ;(

    I finished the game yesterday and it is the BEST game I've played on any mobile device. I love sitting at lunch and all of a sudden being alerted that Taylor was in a predicament. It had me react fast and think quickly. I almost cried when it ended and got Taylor aboard the rescue ship (with Gatorade). Some parts were intense and others were pretty funny. I remember a few times where I thought Taylor was going to give up on me no matter what, but I really pushed him/her and I think that's pretty awesome. I recommend this game to anyone who loves a good adventure. Totally worth the three dollars.

  3. Just finished the game and wanted you guys to know that you did a phenomenal job and can't wait to play more of your games in the future.

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