Lemonade Stand for the Apple II

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Game description:

Lemonade Stand is a simulation game where players take charge of their own lemonade business in the fictional town of Lemonsville.

Before the start of each business day, players are given the day’s weather forecast: Sunny, cloudy or hot and dry. After receiving the weather report, players take charge of three factors that will affect business for the day: The number of glasses of lemonade to make, the number of advertising signs, and the cost of lemonade per glass.

Depending on how the prices are set during the day’s weather conditions, players will either make a profit or lose money until the next day.

Lemonade stand is a single-player game or can be played with up to 30 players alternating turns.

What I think:

A educational simulation game with graphics from Paint…sounds bad, right?

WRONG! It is a really fun game and is probably the only Apple II game, that can be played with up to 29 takers.

Although you will hardly find that many, lol.


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  1. Lol, I was watching "Regular Show" and in the episodes "Just Set Up The Chairs" and "Rage Against the TV", they had a variety of games that were either made-up or loosely based on real games like "Deli Dude" and "The Hammer", and "Lemonade Stand" was also one of them. It wasn't related to this game, but just seeing a game like this actually existing is a little funny. Well, I can't be too surprised since Regular Show also has a Sega Master System in it.

    Looks like a nice game too.

  2. Oh wow! I forgot about this one. I think it was on a school computer along with a Sesame Street program where you can feed the cookie monster. Those sound effects really yank me back to the past.

  3. this is one of my earliest grade school memories, and this is THE game that got me into computers, that now sustains me. I LOVE YOU LEMONADE STAND FOR APPLE IIe

  4. The best you could do is to make 55 glasses of lemonade @ 10 cents and have four signs for advertising, and shut down for the day if there was any chance of rain. I remember the game well. it did not take me long to find the best numbers to use !!! I tried one more and one less in the numbers but 55-4-10 was the magic numbers:] 

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  6. I remember, at least for the Apple II version, there was a glitch that you could use to always get a thunderstorm, something to do with certain numbers I think

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