Layers of Fear The Tree and the Apple (Discover your true inheritance ending) ALL NOTES AND PICTURES

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This Video should unlock most of the DLC achievements. This is a full guide of how to achieve ‘The Tree and the Apple’ Ending in which you discover your true inheritance. It is also a full guide on where to find all the notes in the game along with all the pictures and how to compete the puzzle. Hope this is useful.


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  1. For the This Could Be Important achievement what counts as notes and does it have to be done all in the same playthrough to get the achievement? Thanks. I think I missed one, it says 95% completed.

  2. Um, with the can of fluorescent paint near the beginning… it won't look fluorescent for me. When I turn off the flashlight, it's just dark. Is there a trick to this?

    Never mind. The can says you have to expose it to light for 30 seconds. Just stare at it with the flashlight on while you go make a coffee or something then come back and it'll be fluorescent when you turn the flashlight off again. I'm assuming this will also work with the puzzle map at the end.

  3. I really was thinking the door with the sun in crayon was something important, but sadly it's not. It was the door on the right in the hallway, where one of the doors was a full room of toys crammed together. It was locked and thought there was a key, but it was just for design. lol It's still a great DLC. I never thought there was a third ending! The description said there were only two. Should've known better with the main game having 3 endings.

  4. Possible spoiler, probably not: Ok so the note that opens the safe that reads "314" in this video can be in 3 spots. In case you get to that point and wonder why it might not be in the same place as this one. There are 3 variations of the "314" notice, which might also not be specifically "314", mine was "729". You can find every one in the roomversion with the food. One is on the table, one is between the books, and one is in the dresser. Good luck!

  5. I was staying around the big Picture and I dont see the Map because she say thats only a sick joke. And I dont can open the Door to the secret room. And I dont get this ending. Why? Please help me.

  6. As some people already told u , this ending didnt works for me so 1)is a glitch of Layers Of Fear as these things often happen in digital games or 2)you did something wrong on your guide or based on luck each time. Anyway, dislike number 6 for me, because spent one hour did everything without result. I ll check the other guide of the Russian guy and lets hope it will works(still i am not so sure).

  7. So as it turns out I've found how to fix the map glitch. What you want to do is exit to the main menu and then choose continue (reload the game), you must then stare at the nine drawings/sketch of your face for two minutes with your flashlight on. Then turn the light off and it should appear.

  8. Damn. Missed 1 collectible cuz of a door that closed behind me while trying to play along with the video. Have to redo the entire thing. What a shit game that 1 little mistake can make all the difference.

  9. Thanks again beth bear, was stuck on This could be important, Once upon a time & Sword of the serpent. Didn't realise I had to go back to get drawing for sword lol. You rock!

  10. What the heck happened to the Dog? I am thinking the daughter killed it, (based on the drawing that depicts the dog sliced in half) plus she apparently was totally afraid of it, I mean who buys a rottweiler for a little child?

  11. Important!!! : To unlock this achievement you need to complete the other two endings.
    So don t waste your time doing directly that but before do the "BAD" ending, after the "GOOD" ending and finally the "TRUE" (the last) ending.
    PS: sorry for my english πŸ™‚

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