LarryBoy and the Bad Apple Let’s Play Part 4

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Family Friendly Gaming ( is pleased to share this game play trailer for LarryBoy and the Bad Apple on the PS2.

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  1. Here's the musical scores for heard in the background (Minus the cutscenes. Please note that all of these are from VeggieTales episodes/merchandise and nothing else:):

    The Larry-Cave: Good Morning George
    (The opening song for "Rack, Shack and Benny" without the lyrics)
    Can be found on: VeggieTales SingAlongs DVD "I Love My Lips"

    Bumblyburg: "The Green Grass Grew All Around" (Veggie version)
    Can be found on: VeggieTales CD "Bob and Larry's Backyard Party" (If it has "Split-Track" tracks as well, you can get the BGM for every track in Mono by splitting the track's stereo track into left and right tracks. Else, you'll have to get it with lyrics included.)

    Mayor Blueberry's Temptation/The Mine: I don't know, but I suspect it…
    Can be found on: VeggieTales CD "O Veggie Where Art Thou?" (See "Split Track" parentheses set above)

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