JULY PATCH NOTES – 1st Person Servers, Car Horns, Re-join Feature, Mk14 EBR & More | PUBG

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Together we go over the new added features in the upcoming monthly patch.
“The monthly update will be pushed to the Public Test Server in about 1 hour at 5PM KST / 8AM UTC, as we need some extra time to test the new 1st person view before updating the live servers later in the week.”

Apparently they made a mistake, the VSS reload time has been DECREASED – not increased.

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  1. I almost turned off the video at the start, sounded like I was your girlfriend and you were trying to make up for something bad you did earlier that day. Also the fact you sound half asleep.

  2. Why do they keep adding weapons to the drops? There almost more weapons in there that in the game. Why don't they increase the variety putting rare loot on the map?

  3. So I heard you are looking for a reason why so many dislikes, here is the main one:

    The patch is not released yet and you are reviewing it, which is to be expected due to the glorious JewTube affiliation system. I'm sure when it comes out you will make another actual footage. Got to feed the channel with content dawg [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  4. Yo, you're a living legend. When i opened the update log. I tought i'll die reading it. But watching your explenation and your gameplay. Made it so fast and easy! T H A N K Y O U

    P.S. No idea why so many dislikes?!?!?!?

  5. I SO prefer watching patch notes from you than any other YouTuber/ reading it on steam. Idk people are butt hurt for this ( even tho, you guys think this is " lazy".) Yeah it might be a little but still, Fugg still has other amazing things!!! This is like a bonus for us 🙂

  6. you people are impossible, they have TWO FREE SETS of crates for people who doesnt want to pay any money and ONE pay crate. they need to MAKE money to keep the updates coming, sales for a game only allocate enough money.

    for once in our entire life we've gotten a GEM of a survival/king of the hill game and you wanna bitch about a cosmetic pay system??? for fucks sake, pubg gives timely updates and in game crates then adds one pay crate and everyone loses their minds, and h1z1 kotk only has pay crates and no one bats an eye.

  7. Tried myself on test server, they're giving 100.000 BP and 6 keys to the paid crates for us to test. Spent the limit for the week on free crates(only new item i got was the the mandarin jacket top, not a bad item at all, but the fact that the crates contents are mixed with old and crappy items, make the rng really unforgiving, so i only got 1 new item OF ALL AVAILABLE in all the boxes). On the paid boxes it was worst, imagine paying 2.50 dollars on each key (6 keys= 15 dollars) and only getting one new item, the yellow track suit jacket, in 6 paid boxes, the rest a bunch of common items they put in mixed with new items to fuck you on RNG. That's 15 dollars for one piece of one suit, and there is a chance you can get none, or repeated items. FUCK THAT

  8. I would enjoy a highlight video daily if you could manage though i understand this would be hard so i will settle for every other day! xD keep up the good work.

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