Jeracraft’s Top 10 Survival Maps & Islands!

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Exclusive Minecraft Maps:

Featuring 10 of my best Custom made survival maps, explore, adventure and discover with 10 free minecraft world downloads!

Built using Custom trees, mountains, villages & unique landscaping using a program called world painter.



10 –

9 –

8 –

7 –—happy-holiday-special-/

6 –—halloween-special-by-jeracraft/

5 –

4 –—epic-30-billion-block-custom-map/

3 –—jeracraft/

2 –—world-painter-survival-map/

1 –—dont-miss-this-custom-map/


Planet Minecraft:




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  1. Hey Jeracraft, I was wondering, out of all of these maps which one do u think would be good for a multiplayer Minecraft survival? Of course, if I use it, I would credit u, and I’ll admit all of these maps r pretty impressive. I like ur #1 pick so I would probably go with that but I just wanted to hear ur personal preference.

  2. @jeracraft I don't mean to be ambitious but. think of it as a challenge… have you ever thought of fitting all your creations in just 1 seed? that would be extremely epic and awesome for an special. like 1M subs or something….

  3. How do i download (I'm shit at doing stuff like this) i went to the description and dowloaded it on put it on my desktop now what?
    i am using mac. my brother usually helps me with this stuff

  4. You should do a map where the player is stranded on a very pretty and tropical island, but with a volcano and each time you play it there will be a set time when will the volcano erupt (20 days, etc.). Until then, the player will have to find resources and all to escape the island (not like a normal boat or mining under the ground, too easy.).

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