1. @quatzi08 3rd person? Thats a first person shooter dude. Plus, it has a joystick, just a digital one that the game gives you. Takes some time getting used to, but its really not much different from how you use a gameboy.

  2. …..slide two fingers across the screen to throw grenades whats so…… (strike 1!!!!! screen up!!!!!! haha dumb)

    beautiful promotion for NOVA lol

  3. @INVIDEOillusions , so you know why i would buy something? i guess not.
    i am not buying an ipad, because its not THIS good (at least for me). Did you see the video? what are they showing us there? games maybe? maybe thats why i replied that way? there are a lot of ppl who like to use i-phone/pod/pad for gaming and there are a lot of games in the itunes store. so i guess apple also want us to buy games.
    have a nice day 🙂

  4. @ShinigamiS1lv3r yes i bought an iproduct, years ago. i didnt buy the ipad and i will not do in future. I know what this pad can, but apple apparently not. I wasnt the one creating a video telling the ppl what a great gaming-device an ipad is.. did you see the video? maybe you can see the context between the video and my response? so dont complain. ;P (btw. my posting is 5 months old – this time there was no ipad in the stores..)

  5. @ShinigamiS1lv3r i see your point, but hey i wrote "i guess" and "just my opinion" at a time when they just previewed the ipad, apparantly i am not the only one with this opinion. 😉 i think there may come great games, but i am not the only one wishing there were a possibilty to controll at least the oldschoolgames with buttons or a nice controller, ipad isnt made for this, yeah.. so its not made for most of the oldschoolgames at itunes.
    i wish you all the fun with your ipad and a nice day. 🙂

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