If Apple Were 100% Honest With Us…

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iPhone 6? More like… I… Bone… Sex…

Please don’t read this description. Just watch the vid.

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  1. What Apple did was perfect products that already existed and made them easier to use for the average person. The first IPod had a storage space of 5gb, which was more than most other devices at that time. Plus, with iTunes, it was easier to get music on the device. The iMac made having a computer in your home a norm; before they were too expensive and not easy to use. The iPhone revolutionized smartphones by making them essentially mini computers. It's a good video, but people forget what Apple/Steve Jobs did for the tech world.

  2. I look at people upgrading phones every year or 2 max and I'm like WHY!?? no fukin way do u use even half the features on these things, I phone, text, email, browse web, watch YouTube etc but some of the stuff in these overpriced phones is a joke yet ppl lap it up! Anything with a bitten apple logo it's WOOHOO TAKE MY MONEY!!! LOL. fuk that

  3. What’s the point of this video? Who gives a shit if they didn’t invent most of the things they build. Companies like Samsung and HP sell many products that they haven’t invented as well, and what’s the big deal? I’ve never heard anyone say “I’m not going to buy product X from so and so company because they didn’t invent it.” It’s ridiculous.

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