How To Win PUBG | Battlegrounds Pro Tips Feat ChocoTaco

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PUBG map:


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  1. Hey guys sorry for the confusion if you didn't see Choco's last video on my channel. We are going to be making a top quality tutorial series for PUBG together. So please be nice and treat Choco like you would treat me.. wait no I mean be nice to him :p


    My 2nd game on xbox i had an encounter, the guy/girl freaked and went full auto, i also freaked out and did the same but realized on my 4th shot only 1 hit, so i let the person keep shooting and i tap fired, he missed all shots somehow πŸ˜‚

  3. Great πŸ‘ tips man,I will definitely give a lot of this a try and take it into consideration.I am noticing on the Xbox One when I first started playing the game when it dropped.It was a lot easier to win a game.I think πŸ€” now people are learning the game,that is not the case and it is a lot harder because of that,lol just saying. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  4. This Guide is the best way to win without having any skill. He is just camping in a house. I prefer to win PUBG the fun way with 10+kills solo or 20+ in a squad. With this strategie you only focus on winning and not having fun.

  5. Personally, I would sit near the edge of the zone at the end instead of holding one building, your more likely to be rushed, where as on the side, you can spectate and pick off kills. Then at the end, I would move into the middle to have more coverage, if there is some.

  6. Great guide. I'm currently in that "can get top 20 top 10 pretty easily but always make the wrong decision in the end" zone. Will definitely be trying these tips out.

  7. If you want to calm your nerves in pubg, take a hour to go into games and land in high pop areas where you KNOW your going to die, kill as many players as you can and run into situations where your not comfortable to go into, when you die go into death cams and analyze what he did and how to counter it, do this 4 times before you play seriously and you will see improvement, remember dont play hard, think smart.

  8. Yeah im definitely a more aggressive player :p I getmy best kill streaks ramming viecles then guning them down still i cant seem to get past top 2 so ill def try this. thx for the tips:)

  9. On the desert map Monte Nuevo is a very unpopular place and every time I land I always see either 1-3 other people and it also has great loot such as, lvl 3 vests, backpacks, helmets, it has Scar-l's, M16A4, M4, Mini 14, Kar98k, Akm, Ump, etc. A really good place to spawn and I always find most of the weapons I mentioned

  10. Top 10-20 is easy for me to get to……. But fuck me six ways from Sunday is it hard to get a W. 3 times now I've made it to the final 2 just to choke and lose.

  11. Ok this took a while to type…

    Here is my Top 5 Good Loot Landing Spawns

    Land here its not high risk
    1. Rozhok
    2. Severny
    3. Primorsk
    4. Zharki
    5. Lipovka

    Rozhok has never more than 4 people literally so even flying over it is a low chance of death if you know that city well i do and have a Video on my Route and how it works i Next to always be the Victor of Rozhok DOZENS of Vechile Spawns NearBy in the range of 500m there is around 11 spawns with high rates

    Severny oh god this place can be packed with loot and players i like to land here if the flight plan is between 500m or 2km from Severny around 1.5-2km you see very little players at Severny so sometimes its High Risk High reward sometimes low Risk low reward High Vechile Spawns Near

    Primorsk Phew this place is very underated like Rozhok but with 3x More Barracks and 1 cafe with alot more houses the Zone doesnt like you landing here and it can be Meduim Risk high reward others No Risk Low Vechile Spawns Near

    Zharki I Love landing in Zharki … sometimes .. this place has Great loot i have walked out with med kits tons of meds guns ammo and all tier 3 Armory and Apparel
    Same thing with landing about Severny and Risk yata yata yata…Meduim Vechile Spawns Near

    Lipovka is a Mini Primorsk only the zone likes you a little more but one thing it can be packed with around 4 people but just get rid of them lots of near car spawns for escape unlike Primorsk Some Vechile Spawns near

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