How to play / stream PC games on Android or iOS

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How to play or how to stream PC games on Android or iOS.

Remotr is free to download and free to use. Also if want other free cool apps for game streaming, you can find down in description.

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System Requirements: Laptop or Desktop with minimum Windows 7 or Later and Graphic card with minimum DirectX 10.1 support or later ( Nvidia, ATI Radeon or IntelHD )

In this video i have used Elephone P9000 lite
I get it from here:

Download Remotr for PC:

Download from Google Play Store ( Android ) :

Download from App Store ( iOS ) :

Download for Windows mobile ( beta ) :

Remotr also it’s compatible with Android based Smart TV’s.

In this video i play:
– Grand Theft Auto 5 ( GTA 5 )
– Battlefield 1
– FarCry Primal

Other Apps About Game Streaming:

KinoConsole ( FREE ):

– Download from Google Play Store ( Android ):

– Download from App Store ( iOS ):

– Download for Windows mobile:

Moonlight ( Open source and FREE ):

– Download from Google Play Store ( Android ):

– Download from App Store ( iOS ):

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  1. Can I EVEN stream my games on phone eevn when Im outside of my house, say I stream a game like CS:GO, but I go outside, not having my pc close to me. Will I be able to still stream from PC to Phone ? Like on school I guess.. (With 4g or a wifi connection)

  2. I have quastion . I have iPhone 6 …my computer is low end..Can i install GTA V on my computer with so low FPS and graphic,but on iPhone can't be lagging and dropping ???

  3. Hello Andrew, I want to play games on the go/ outside of home network. How could I achieve this. Should I connect my PC to ethernet and leave or what should I do.

  4. I have sky wifi in home, when I use it in home it takes like 1 sec for the mobile screen to show current thing, will it lag if I use in another 3G network?

  5. How did you link your Xbox One controller? I played the new Fortnite app for iOS, but if I could stream the game from my PC to my iPhone 6S and use my Xbox One controller, that would be great. The controls for the official Fortnite app are so clunky

  6. The lag on this is horrendous. I have 200mb download and 50 upload so it’s not my connection. My PC is wired connected also. And my iPhone is on 5ghz connection lol. Stream play will always be laggy.

  7. One question-
    Some games lag while playing on my pc(low ram 😅) will it also lag on my android(6gb ram😎)?? Or it depends on internet?? Please tell me…….please!! 😢

  8. I can't connect…
    "Im not on the same subnet as the Streamer, and I can't reach it.
    "Can you connect us both to the same subnet, or forward TCP port ** on your router?

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