How to Download & Upload Custom Minecraft XBOX Maps WITHOUT HORIZON | Tutorial {2016}

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THIS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST SUFFICENT WAY OF DOWNLOAD MINECRAFT MAPS ON YOUR XBOX!!! Have problems with the Horizon Tool? This is a complete how-to guide for downloading/uploading Minecraft XBOX 360 maps without using Horizon at all. Learn how to download maps as well as Upload them. Also learn how to change thumbnails to something custom. All here inside this guide!

In today’s episode we will take a thorough look into downloading and uploading Minecraft Maps on an XBOX 360 Console! This is the current version for 2016 and all links are verified!
In today’s episode:

Learn How to Setup your USB Device to XBOX (2016):
Learn How to Download and use MODIO:
Learn How to Download Maps (and use custom Thumbnails):
Learn how to Upload Maps:

Hello Everyone! Nightfox here bringing you a new series I like to call TECH TUESDAY!

In this series I will be showing you all some tips and tricks on how to be a Youtuber/gamer with a few how to’s on other general technology related stuff. The best part about this series is that each topic I make a video on will be based off your feedback/comments. What is it you want to learn?

Useful Links:

Modio Download:
Alternate Link:

4-n-1 Skywars Map:

The Building Game:

Do you have issues with Unknown Profiles during Map Downloads?
Do you have issues with your USB not getting read by Horizon?
Do you have issues downloading Horizon?
Do you have issues with Damaged Saves?
Do you have issues formatting your USB drive to XBOX (as of September 2015):

This is the place for you! Not only do I show step by step instructions on how to download MODIO and download and Upload maps, I tackle some of the most common issues that pop up along the way!

Join me as we discover some tips and tricks on how to properly download/upload Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps!


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**Background Info: I have worked in IT for over 8 years and have a COMP TIA+ certification.

***Disclaimer*** I am not responsible for any damaged hardware/software in your attempt that you try this on your own! If you get confused, please ask in the comments section below.



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  1. What if the map would be impossible for 360 to load the full thing? If you never load it on the 360 and just skipped to the "upload to xbox one" part, would the full map still appear? (this map takes up a 9×9 map space, making 360 impossible to render it.)

  2. About 3 months ago I did this tutorial and it worked! But when I try to download maps now, it says it saves to my usb but when I go on mine craft it's not there! 😭 PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!

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