How to Download & Install Custom Maps in Minecraft 1.12.2 (Simple) (Updated)

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Learn how to install custom maps/worlds in Minecraft 1.12.2 and below!
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NOTE: You only need one of these programs installed, either Winrar or 7zip; both can extract/archive files. They need to be used when trying to extract .rar map folders. You can still use them to extract .zip map folders as well.

NOTE: To open .minecraft folder in new launcher do this: On keyboard press windows key + r, on run box type %appdata% hit enter, open .minecraft folder then saves folder.

Here are some sites you can download maps from:
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  1. I've tried so many times to do this but I guess it doesn't work for me, the map I was trying to download was Hero Fair Amusement Park and it says '''' at the end. Do you know what I should do?

    (WINDOWS) go to your desktop , extract evrything untiil its one folder that when you open there isint a 2.scnd folder
    then you do Windows(button) + R
    A Run window pops up, type %AppData% then double-click .minecraft
    and then open "saves" and put the map in, There you go!

  3. hello I am often bothered by downloading an mc map and installing it that does not leave the correct folder
    for example I download a minecraft parkour map and I install it in the right way but then load that a normal world ..
    this does not always work because at rainbowroad it does well.
    do you know how this is coming
    plzzz help

  4. OMG i have NEVER played a minecraft pc map because it was hard but you teached me how to do it in an easy way your awesome THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! first time i ever played a minecraft pc map

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