How PUBG Fortnite Lawsuit can Hurt Gamers

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PUBG Corp is sueing Epic Games over Fortnite Battle Royale, what the heck is going on, and can this lawsuit hurt gamers and game dev innovation as a whole? Yes… because fear of lawsuits stifles innovation and competition. Oh, I just saved you 8 minutes.

Korea Times article:

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  1. PubG lost lets be honest with ourselves I use to play the shit out of pubg and was one of the top 500 players in solo now that you know I'm not a fortnite fanboy here's why I think PubG is fucking trash atm. Fortnite has updates and bring new things to the game, shopping carts, zero gravity rocks, and remote rocket launching riding. Let's look at what PubG has addes the last 3 months to make the game fresh and new again. 3x scopes wow huge difference to gameplay, I can't put an 8x scope on an m4 now wow yay restrictions of my style of play, and HOLLY SHIT DIFFERENT GRIPS THAT NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT. Not to mention when you can sell skins on the market people hack to get bp and sell more skins thus why the marketing of PubG is a failure just like csgo how 50% of the player base hacks yes I use to like that game too. So lets look back at why PubG sucks. Wow no new map the past 4 months nothing new and it's horribly laggy and unoptimized fortnite it's playable map feels fresh cuz you can build and different situations become of it. If you get caught in the open field of PubG you're likely to die because you cannot build or the circle put you in some shitty ass position which 70% of the time it does spend 20 minutes looting and dying to getting shot in the back of the head with a kar 98k wooooow PubG is great. If you're in the open in fortnite you can actually do something about it aka build those are my thoughts on why PubG is fucking trash atm fix the market and you'll have WAAAY less hackers region lock China that's what we've been asking the past 5 months and nothings happened. And fucking optimize the game for christ sake atleast have a working game it's a fucking joke if a 950 gtx can't run it at a stable 60 fps. Anyways that's the reason I switched to fortnite save your self money and time instead of getting PubG who sews people instead of improving their game. Shitty ass game company really failed an oppurtunity to make one of the greatest games in history.

  2. battle royale is a unique idea, which became popular because of brendan, but if you take a more popular game mode (team deathmatch, free for all) then its more of a generic, basic idea that anyone can think of, but if you make a game, it becomes popular, then another company STEALS the gamemode, makes it free, admits to stealing the idea and gaining more popularity, what would you do?

  3. Epic making Fortnite BR may not be illegal, but it definitely is a bad moral thing to do. Imagine you had a great idea, and one of your friends helps you out along the way, then when your'e done your friend makes something very similar alone and that gets more popular than yours did. Not illegal, but not a nice thing to do. That's probably why the law suit is a thing.

  4. DUDE LISTEN HERE, I am playing CS sinse 2000 and ive never really left it, some brakes sure but never left it, and so will i do with you, i will never unsubscribe or not follow! Did i make my self clear! keep going making content or i will make sure you have too! Im only warning you because i love you, i know it hurts but thats because of love, it can some times hurt, the same way like my big club, thats why you have to keep making content!

  5. First off, I'm a PUBG fan and I hate fortnite.

    There are 2 major points:
    1. Fornite is free, most kids don't have a lot of money and just want a free game they can play.
    2. PUBG has waaaay heavier graphics, most younger kids dont have a good computer. At best a PS4 with meh WiFi connection.

    So, bluehole should optimise their game and they should make it cheaper (and I know making it cheaper isn't an option, maybe a last resort)

  6. Everyone knows that Minecraft was the first Battle Royal game.
    Get dropped in random location, collect resources, fight for resources.

  7. You cannot own an idea.
    "You cannot claim rights in an idea in the same way that you might be able to with respect to a work of authorship (e.g. a book), an invention (via patent), or a trademark. You would only have recourse here if there was a contract in place at the time of your disclosure obligating the other party to compensate you."
    Thus Epic did not contract PlayerUnknown for anything, there was no contact and they did not steal any work of his because he did not do any work on it.
    If they had contacted PlayerUnknown and drawn up a contract then taken full credit for it and not paid him, then maybe they could sue.

  8. I think PUBG is mostly butthurt because they now HAVE TO legally pay their direct competitor in royalties, so the better PUBG does the more money Epic gets too to make Fortnite better(Not that they need it_

  9. So we're copyrighting game genres now… This is like Slayer copyrighting thrash metal and no one else being allowed to make it. Good job pubg, I hope epic games revokes your license to the unreal engine

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