How COLORBLIND People See Minecraft

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There are many types of color blindness. This is what it’s like to play Minecraft color blind.

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This is how you play minecraft color blind! This is a custom resource pack for minecraft that is a simulator that shows you what it’d be like to be color blind and play minecraft.

✅ Color Blind Simulator by Alvoria!

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.



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  1. this video was so confusing for me due to my colorblindness (monochromatic) Also it was confusing for my friend even because he has monochromatic vision aswell. Welp enough of that, this was like all the others a great video keep it up Logdotzip!

  2. I am somewhat colorblind. It's not that I can't see color, but my mind has trouble recognizing certain colors. For example, a bright neon green compared to a dark yellow. I can see the difference, but I won't be able to tell which is which. Same goes for certain shades of red and brown. Or purple and dark blue.

  3. You know if you think about it if they were born color blind then they would not really know what they're missing so they probably don't care that much. Like if I was told I was color blind (which I am not) I would not care because if I was born with it I would not know what I was missing. But if you could see color and then could not that would kind of suck but never the less there are worse things to have. I guess what I am trying to say is that I don't really feel bad for color blind people. I mean sure that can't see color but they can still see. If you are color blind do you guys really care that you are color blind? I am just wondering. It is wrong that I don't feel bad? I mean they can still do all the things people who see color can do. If your color blind what do you have trouble doing? I mean is it really hard to live with? The only reason I don't feel bad is that I feel like it just would not really matter plus must people how are colorblind don't even know it. so it can't be that hard live with.

  4. Wait, isn't purple the combination of blue and red? So why can't Tritanopia affected people see the portal like we do, purple, or the colour purple in general?

    Also, Achromatopsia affected people, I feel for you guys ;-;

  5. Some things look nicer with certain types of colorblindness imo, like how the wheat was a really nice golden yellow in one of them, and the nice light blue water

  6. if anyone with colorblindness that was listed in this video saw "their" colorblindness "example Tritianopia" and you see all the grass as green and the water as a bright blue, reply to this comment what you saw im very curious about it

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