HORIPAD ULTIMATE Gamepad for Apple TV, iOS & Macs Review

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Here is the Horipad Ultimate gamepad for the Apple TV 4th Gen, iPhones, iPads & Macs. I purchased this game controller at the Apple store for $49.95. I do unboxing, setup, gameplay and final thoughts about this gamepad. I hope you guys like the video.

Check the HORIPAD ULTIMATE Wireless Game Controller here: http://goo.gl/kYvbTk

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  1. Thanks for the simple synching explanation!! hooked it up in less than 1 minute following your instructions!! Hori should pay you to write their instructions! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks. Great work.
    One bit of constructive criticism: you may want to avoid gesticulating with the boxes or bits of gear that you hold in your hand. It makes following the otherwise valuable narrative and video difficult to follow

  3. Marc,
    Is there any attachment you could recommend that can have the iPhone propped on top of it, like the mad catz controller? Sad Soul Calibur has no controller support.

  4. Does Anyone Knows How I Can Replace It With Apple Support Or Repair It Because I Didn’t Get Apple Care With It When I Bought It And Don’t Know Much About Apple Support!

  5. Hey, please I need help, I connect it the controller to the MacBook Pro early 2015 via bluetooth then i Lunched Bioshock but the controller doesn't work. Any tips? Or is the controller not compatible with Biochock, Call of duty, etc….

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