HermitCraft Season 5: Getting Back To Work On The City! (Minecraft 1.12)

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Well hello there, GoodTimesWithScar here bringing you Hermitcraft season 5 Minecraft survival let’s play part 10. I revel the plans to create an underground Hermit City for season fives shopping and residential area. The massive underground city will be in a circular shape and have a market district ring and a housing ring. I hope you enjoy the massive progress on the city’s petrified tree design!
*Previous HermitCraft Ep: https://youtu.be/cnLkKCTgrAg

*Hermitcraft S5 video Playlist: http://bit.ly/2pb9rhU
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Hetmitcraft members list:

Bdubs – https://youtube.com/BdoubleO100
Biffa – https://youtube.com/biffaplays
Cleo – https://youtube.com/zombiecleo
Cub – https://youtube.com/cubfan135
Doc – https://youtube.com/docm77
Etho – https://youtube.com/ethoslab
False – https://youtube.com/falsesymmetry
Hypno – https://youtube.com/hypnotizd
iJevin – https://youtube.com/ijevin
Iskall – https://youtube.com/iskall85
Impulse – https://youtube.com/impulseSV
Jessassin – https://youtube.com/thejessassin
Joe.H – https://youtube.com/joehillstsd
Keralis – https://youtube.com/keralis
Mumbo – https://youtube.com/thatmumbojumbo
Python – https://youtube.com/pythongb
Rendog – https://youtube.com/rendog
Stress – https://youtube.com/Stressmonster101
Tango – https://youtube.com/tangoteklp
TFC – https://youtube.com/selif1
Vintage Beef – https://youtube.com/vintagebeef
Welsknight – https://youtube.com/welsknightgaming
xB – https://youtube.com/xbxaxcx
Xisuma – https://youtube.com/xisumavoid
Zedaph – https://youtube.com/ZedaphPlays

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  1. Hey scar I'm a newer sub watch season 5 from the beginning and man when ever you need a break man you take it we love you and will always be here to support you man!!

  2. i went to disney this year and went to pandora at 11:00 at night and waited 2 hours to get on the flight of avatar ride. It was the best totally worth the wait. pandora is a lot cooler at night cause everythings lit up so white clothes glow. Its so cool!!!!!

  3. Sadly he says “ I can’t just have 5 minuets without you coming in here and messing things up” and then very harshly “die”

  4. Mr Bob Ross of the Hermit and Crafting, I do not mind you taking time to take care of your health. Your continued existence is a treasure. Take care of yourself first and foremost, it is more important I feel.

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