Here are 3 NEW MAP IDEAS For PUBG- Battlegrounds Future

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Today I discuss 3 possible maps I’d love to see come to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, what do you think?
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  1. Here’s an idea for the Ski Map; how about for a red zone, it’s a miniature blizzard that you have to go inside to take cover from.

  2. I don’t think an ocean map like you suggested would work. Flow of combat and movement would be iffy, and difficult to get right. If they were to implement something like this we would need some form of water combat like firing our weapons or using melee.

  3. What a think would be cool is like a "traditional" japanese style map with pink trees and some dojo or temple i don't rly know how to name it with some modern cities

  4. yeah the city one would be awesome but don't think of it being so full of buildings. think of it like that one hunger games map in MC (lol minecraft). it should be like an abandoned city with walls ripped apart and has more of the color grey. like the city in one of the scenes in the early days of the walking dead.

  5. how about a dense forest map, with 70s or 80s style buildings and vehicles, and sparse, small towns or cabins, and maybe a small mountain over the tree line, kinda like camp crystal lake
    but the thing is is it would be great for stealth and Gillies suits would only be in in 2 airdrops but would make you invisible practically

    they could have kar98, and maybe a new bolt action rifle become more common

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