GUIDE: THE NEW GRIPS CHANGED AGAIN! *Updated* Spray pattern comparison, Assault rifle (M416) – PUBG

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So right at the transfer of Patch 1.0 #12 from test to live, all the grips changed again – and quite dramatically so too.
This is the latest and most up to date video on the new grips and their respectful recoil spray patterns.

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  1. Regardless, they shouldnt of increase the recoil overall anyway, it just makes the game less fun, which is one of the reasons pubg is losing to fortnite, bluehole dont understand why its okay to make a game easy

  2. this is a good video…. for comparing horizontal and vertical effect for each grip . But the grips have more variables than those two a spray pattern does not tell all there is to tell, if you look at the table with all the values you can see clearly that some grips are made to increase recoil recovery speed or lower animation kick. What would have been cool was if you would have tested those variables as well, making tests with single shot firing and burst firing, seeing how fast the aiming point returns to its original state and how much the animation kicks or what not. I think the Half grip and Light grip are made for something like a SKS but i haven't had the chance to test the difference betweeen the two myself..

  3. Thanks for the awesome video and congrats on the influx of followers, I joined when you had 20k and now its at 175k. Good job and keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Wacky! Ty 4 ur content! I view all ur videos since 2017! U are my great mentor! Plz do a New video of Vertical Multiplier sensibility option on the config of the game! Keep doing! U are FABOLOUS! Am from Argentina!

  5. What about the grips on SMGs and DMRs, or ARs that aren't a fully kitted M4 for that matter? This doesn't really feel accurate to me after playing, especially the thumb grip.

  6. Lets players put hundred and thousands of hours into their game. Then all of a sudden after FULL release… Hey lets just change huge mechanic in the game.

    Yeah GG Bluehole.

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