GOLDEN GROZA + AWM = PERFECT – Shroud win solo FPP [May-14] – PUBG HIGHLIGHTS TOP 1 #108

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Golden Groza + SLR + AWM – Shroud win a solo FPP game May-14 in playerunknown’s battlegrounds!

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  1. im sorry to all the shroud lovers out there, but after watching his videos objectively, he definitely has some sort of assist, i dont think its an aimbot, i think he is very skilled at the game. but i am pretty sure he has some sort of assist that helps him find people, there are many indicators of this in this video alone, he follows the guy in school with his cross hairs through the ground (even with his footsteps it would be very difficult), he always snaps to the persons exact location regardless of how well hidden they are as if they were outlined in red and he knew they were there and acted like they weren't, and the end of the game with the AWM he is "randomly" firing at a guy who he "doesn't know where he is" while running to a vantage point where he instantly spots him (like everyone else) on his 24inch 1080p monitor. sorry guys but the argument that he plays the game so much that he just knows based off experience is the equivalent of Babe Ruth holding 10 bats and "knowing" where 10 different pitchers are going to pitch the ball all at the same time using only sound for the first half of each pitch, followed by hitting a home run on every single one of them. its just not humanly possible.

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