Fortnite Meteor Finally Lands With Season 4 | HUGE PUBG Update | FIFA 18 World Cup is FREE + More

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Loads of games have been getting some big updates this week, so we thought we’d chuck em all in one video. Fortnite Season 4, Fifa 18’s free world cup update, Stardew Valley Mulitplayer, PUBG gets one of its biggest ever patches, Dark Souls Remastered multiplayer beta and Monster Hunter World’s Dante gear. Let’s get on it.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Written by Liam McKelvey
Edited by Jake Kulkowski

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Stardew Valley




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  1. I hated free to play cosmetic skin purchase type games… but I checked it out at xmas time and haven't stopped playing it and buying skins. I bought the other game mode too for 30 quid. I'm really bad at it yet suffer though and have fun somehow. 0_o.

  2. get fornite out of here, only kids who play minecraft enjoy builder royale, its just a minecraft server with slightly more accurate weapons and a graphics revamp

  3. PGG: “The dark souls network test goes live May the 11th and may the 12”
    Also PGG: “but be quick since it will be removed May the 8th”

  4. Anyone else on mobile noticed the size of the screen for adverts is now like double the size compared to the actual video. Why are the actual videos I’m wanting to watch not the same YouTube? Sorry I know it’s nothing to do with this video.

  5. It’s all my brother goes on about I’m fed up of hearing about the bloody game its not like its any good I hate it the game is like Minecraft on speed lol

  6. That option to play as teams that did not qualify is because The Netherlands, Italy and the USA aren't qualified, lol.
    I'm Dutch, so I like this option. :')

  7. As an xbox pubg player I feel like pubg is gonna die off soon, the p.c version is far ahead and it doesn't really seem like they're putting the same effort on Xbox version. The reason fortnight is able to maintain hype is because they constantly add new content to the game.

  8. Really the SLR not the FNL? The Aussie Lithgow L1A1 Self Loading Rifle. An adaption of the Poms "FNL". Ok PubG you have finaly have this Aussie's attention.

  9. monster hunter died pretty quick in my memory. i forgot monster hunter was a thing. i planed to buy but got lazy and just watched people play it instead. there are some games that look like they would be a chore to play since i have already played a similar game. bloodborne was a chore. the first watch dogs was a chore. far cry 5 was a chore despite all the praise or how different it is.

  10. the lack of intrest u guys show for fortnite is shit…. man up dont be so sour its a fun game.  just cuz u dont like it doesnt mean u have to be  a dick about it.

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