Fortnite Caused Mom to DESTROY Kid’s iPad?

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Fortnite Caused Mom to DESTROY Kid’s iPad? Mother’s hate Fortnite all around the world, the addictive game, Fortnite, on iPad, on the Phones, on Xbox, PS4, Switch, or PC, Fortnite pisses people off in today’s episode of the News You Missed.

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Mother Destroys Child’s iPad for playing too much Fortnite

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  1. The funniest part was when she said that its not about her kids screen time because she lets them watch all the TV and movies they want. So apparently movies and TV are ok but not video games.

  2. Loving the sunnys xD Honestly, people say that video games are making people violent but before technology fun family entertainment was public beheadings… Think about that for a second. Be glad your child hasn't shot their friends in real life because they're able to do it online, over and over again when they get angry.

  3. Ok what happened when I played games for too long again back then? Easy, parents wanted to restrict my game time. How? Go do stuff outside and socialize with other people. It's the logical thing to do, and nowadays as a mature person, I stand by that. Take away the device, don't destroy it, destroying it could be traumatizing for the kid.

  4. Goodjob Mom, we need to fight against video games they're dangerous, let's burn our phones, smash our ipads with hammers, and toss our Nintendo Switchs into the closest river WHOSE WITH ME!!!???…

  5. Honestly I would throw away and destroy their cigarettes if I saw my kids smoking, that way I could convey the message in an uproar. However what they do after that to their bodies is up to them, I'd only go that far again if it was done in my vicinity because I personally don't want 2nd hand smoke or my house to stink like that… and they're not as expensive AS AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE, ranging from 100-400 dollars, who in their right mind would do that, Cigarettes are what around 20 dollars? Yes it's expensive over time, but the initial 1st pack doesn't cost as much as a fricken electronic, you put it up where they can't reach, ground them, lock it in a cabinet or safe if you want to get drastic, but don't smash it. Chances are since it was a kid it was the mother's money that bought that, if not then it was a gift from someone else, in which case she owes them money.

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