FMPONE Map Leaked! Is CSGO Dying for PUBG? and Watch Out for This Ban!

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00:12 – FMPONE’s Next Map Leaked Footage
1:25 – Watch Out for This Type of Ban
1:55 – Be Careful Using 3rd Party Software
2:52 – Valve’s Vac Ban System Can’t Even Catch Cheaters
3:12 – Steam Bot Spam FIXED!
3:49 – FPL Will Allow Match Fixers to Play
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5:14 – Real Question: Is CSGO Dying? Let’s Look
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  1. Honestly ever since PUBG came out I have been playing CSGO a lot less, its just not fun for me anymore. I still enjoy watching tournaments, but i hate playing the game now. I dont think csgo is necessarily dying, but its definitely not the "top dog" anymore.

  2. I think PUBG is kinda gonna be like H1Z1. It has a big blowup and dies out when something else comes out but CSGO doesn't have any real direct competitors

  3. It's ridiculous how many times a day I see in my friend activity feed "x now owns PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS". After they purchased that game I barely see them online again in CS:GO

  4. HiAlgo boost nor HiAlgo switch doesn't cause VAC ban… I have been using it for MONTHS with CSGO

    My Steam link:

    You can post on my wall and I will confirm that it's not VACcable…

    Some of my screenshots where I used HiAlgo

  5. Granted CS:GO's popularity has definitely gone down since PUBG but it's not like its going anywhere, CS has been around for almost 20 years and one game trend can't almost instantly kill that off

  6. Cs go is dying beacuse you jake dont have yelling outros! We dknt care if u live in a campus kr a monastery, u have to yelll! 😀 hahah a little joke, but u should seriously return to yelling outros!

  7. Csgo isn't dying and I have 3 reasons that prove it will not. 1 Valve is a billion dollar company and a HUGE chunk of it came from csgo. If it actually starts dying like people are pretending it is, valve will eventually push out updates. 2. PUBG is not like counter strike where it will last for decades. It will die like every high skill based shooter. For example, everybody thought overwatch would kill counterstrike and dota 2 because it's an fps Moba. But now overwatch is dying even though they push huge updates monthly. 3 counter strike is a game that doesn't revolve around meta like league dota 2 and other big games. There really is no dominant meta. The only noticeable meta that's coming up is aggression meta where everybody runs around pushing smokes and shit (thanks stewie and swag). Csgo is not dying shroud is just saying it is just because he's bored of the game. Same with summit. It's just a bandwagon to make silvers feel better about themselves.

  8. CSGO isnt necessarily dying, but players are turning away because of the lack of good anti-cheat. valve may go ahead and ban 40K or 4K whatever that number was a month or so ago in one day, or they may ban all of the popular top linux cheat, but they do nothing to prevent the losers ruining the scene from rebuying the game. so really it is just a turnstyle if they ban the 40K cheaters, cause all they have to do is spend 15 more dollars. I personally through my COD server have a DB of over 100K steamids -> IP addresses, and I have found that there are certain players who have 10+ accounts all with many bans on each. I can only imagine this is a small snippet of the reality that exists in the csgo scene, and this is the major problem with it being stagnant the way it is. People want something new where they dont have to deal with the same bullshit day in day out.

  9. Ok, here's the thing. PUBG is fun to watch because there's always something happening, like driving a car off a cliff or a drive by shooting. The arena is closing in on you and the pressure is high. However, whether or not PUBG can be recognized as an esport is the real question. While in CS:GO, you have to warmup and practice and dedicate yourself to the game for years to be any good. You may not play the game, but you realize how hard it is to become pro, so you appreciate the pro scene and may decide to keep watching it. PUBG has been out for, like, less than a year or something. If there are people who are already pro at it, it can't be that hard. Very fun to watch, but not as hard as GO. Hell, GO requires teamwork AND individual skill, and if you are soloing on PUBG, all you need to do is camp and wait or drive around and kill as many people as you can and try to win. And for any of you that don't like CS or PUBG, I would recommend Quake :D, it's $30 on steam but free from the bethesda launcher

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