EA Developing Apple Watch Games – Win or Fail?

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EA Sees Apple Watch as “The Emergence of Another Gaming Platform”:

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  1. You are one of my favorite youtubers. I think that because my favorite youtube channel is Inside Gaming and you are very much like them. you should try contacting them. :)!!

  2. "So no Battlefield Hardline on the Apple watch, thank the gaming gods for that one it wouldn't work at launch anyways" – Friendly Ai

    So true to so true, don't be sneaking those kind of jokes in too often I might just die I'm already having trouble breathing while laughing at that gem.

  3. I'm waiting for when watches are Video Phones . When you and the person your talking to can both see each other while ya talked . Facetime never really kicked off but in a watch (where everyone's watch phone worked with everyone else's watch phone)   .. it might work ..     #dicktracywatchphone  

  4. Fail! All that they will be is Freemium bullshit like what they have in the AppStore already (Dungeon Keeper, etc..) They used to make decent games on iOS (Dead Space, Mass Effect Infiltration, etc..) but now they have it set it their minds that freemium is the future. (It's obviously not)

  5. A masterbaiting game that measures the speed you masterbait at and you can compare on leader boards and stuff maybe matching making can be included, idk something family friendly for everyone

  6. So you kiss your watch, it takes a picture of your model esq lips and then my watch vibrates to let me know I have an iKiss, and touch the watch face and the pic comes up of your Lips and then I kiss your lips back and it sends my gorgeous screen capture of my lips, or Pumpkin Bottom,, or my pot belly pigs lips back to your watch, it vibrates and you touch your blank watch face it brings up a screen capture of my lips or my pot belly pigs lips, and says your iKiss has been returned? Holy Zebra Shit, I'm going to be uber rich, now where is the Patent Office? ~v©

  7. Here comes Dungeon Keeper watch edition.  This time, it will be easier to know when that block is done being mined.  And the micro-transactions cost twice as much because people who are stupid enough to get a smartwatch will be stupid enough to pay $199+ for a few gems.

  8. EA's games on phones/ipads fucking suck, name one EA game on phones that does not have you PAY REAL MONEY to get money in game

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