Does Metal really make your iOS games look better? –

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James puts Metal, Apple’s new graphics library, to the test. Do games really look better on iOS 8 than iOS 7? Watch and find out.

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  1. I didn't see any major different but the additional effect that makes the feel more realistic. But, does it really need Metal to make those kinds of effects? It is just like adding more translucent layer on to the screen and make it looks more ralistic right?

  2. Idk if someone else saw this, but to my eye, in the first comparison of Modern Combat 5 in this video, I noticed more blood coming out on every bullet hit in iOS 8, though I had to slow down the video to really see the difference.

  3. Теперь сравнивают игры на железе двух разных поколений?
    Хорошо. Что дальше?
    Давайте сравним ещё Duna2000 и ARMA3, и начнём разбирать разницу в графике.
    Но это глупо! Как и сравнивать качество игр по скорости машин…
    Ладно. Маркетинг и создан для того, чтобы зарабатывать на неосведомлённости покупателя!

    И да, я не спорю, что новый чип от Apple лучше старого. Просто сравнивать нужно одинаковые поколения чипов.

  4. WTF?!!?!
    This guy is so uniformed like at 1:25 the boost is different because activated the first nitro normal and the second he second clicked when was the red thing in the upper boost thingy ots so wrong!!!

  5. 1:43. Why it look different is because of how the MC activate the nitro. The nitro on iOS 8 is activated one more time during the red bar duration, hence causing huge flames, whereas on the left, he activated the nitro differently.

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