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NEW Digimon Ios Andriod Game Digital World Digimon looks to be an amazing game. I enjoyed it esp the Frontier Digimon 😀
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  1. Since this game will be removed for obvious reasons i have a question! Why using the work of others instead of creating youre own characters and world? Are you really that lazy?

  2. I've uninstall digimon world & install digimon master following by step on GM message, and I am using old account and password, but it's back to beginning, how to fix that? Thanks

  3. Hey, I've got a question.
    I'm using an iPad to play this game and besides the fact that I do not see these very cool digievolution videos, I'm not able to recharge diamonds anymore. In a mail support said iOS users should install "digital master' from the App Store in order to use App Store payment. As it isn't possible on the current app anylonger.
    Actually I can find this app but I do not believe it's the same.

    Could anyone help me here, what to do?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Yo digigod this game this game doesn't work anymore the site's down there's no way to access the game or the web page everyone share this comment or like it so that digigod can see it please (Wednesday, April, 25, 2018 12:22 am)

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