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Rocking the win98 (Winchester) in the new desert map, Miramar – there’s a new sheriff in town!
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  1. Have you ever faced other good players like chad shroud grimmz …….? I feel like you're better than most of them. Except shroud. Challenge him.

  2. sheriff challenge
    drop los leones or Pochinki
    must win to complete
    weapons: Winchester, s1897 naked, r1895 (no suppressor)
    can use police vests no military vest
    level 2 helmet only and cannot be picked up until 20 players are remaining
    once there are less than 20 players you can upgrade to an M16A4 naked ,with a compansator, holographic, or both
    or if your lucky an once there is less that 15 players you can upgrade to an AUGA3 that must have a 4x or 3x, for grip, and flash hider or an m24 with an 8x and cheek pad if you do not have these attachments you may not pickup the weapons and cannot use any other attachment
    each game you may use as many stuns as you want, 2 smokes, and 1 frag no Molotov cocktails must kill 1 person with the frag
    can only use the bout or uaz
    can only use 2 first aid kits per game after that you may only use bandages, painkillers, adrenaline shots, and the elusive med kit no energy drinks
    once you have the shotgun, revolver, and crow bar you cannot drop them or any of there ammo for any reason you, want it gone you fire it and once you see them you must pick them up
    cannot loot airdrops only bodies
    must kill at least 15 people
    should you fail one requirement or break a single rule consider the challenge failed and try again
    if you have any non armor clothes that may fit such as a cowboy hat consider using them but there not required

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