Commander 2018 w/ Kyle Hill and Cassius Marsh l Game Knights #20 l Magic the Gathering EDH Gameplay

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It’s time to battle-it-out with the brand new Commander 2018 decks!

We’ve got first time guest Kyle Hill (Because Science on YouTube) facing off against returning fan favorites Mel Li and NFL player Cassius Marsh.

How will these planeswalkers-as-commanders change the normal EDH political dynamics? What new cards will make the biggest splash? And most importantly…

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!


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Terry Robertson – Additional Editing
Lauren Haroutunian – Director of Photography
Jim Funicelli – Sound Recording
Terry Robertson and Geoffrey Palmer – Special Graphics and FX
Danny Batterman – Script Supervisor and L2 Judge
Bonnie Bacevich – Set Design


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  1. Thanks for watching, subscribing and commenting everyone! Small rules mistake in this episode: Yes Arexmethes is supposed to EtB tapped, which we missed. Apologies. New cards and all that. Hope you enjoy the episode. -JLK

  2. My first time watching. It was a TON of fun, I very much enjoyed it! I liked everyone a lot, and I am a HUGE Magic fan.

    I would like to say, the most fun I have EVER had playing magic, was a group game where we all played decks from one friend who was known to have TERRIBLE decks! It was so hilarious and the most fun I have ever had! Would be fun to watch you guys do it.

  3. Here's a game, take a shot every time someone says political/politically. Serious though, I haven't watched much in a month/two but the amount of times its been said in one episode is surprising.

  4. I need these new decks. I love commander. I also have one of the lowest DCI#'s that is still active- mine is 4 digits long lol. Doesn't mean a thing but it scares the hell out of newbies lol

  5. I keep seeing a lot of complaints about how bad the Windgrace deck is. Personally I find it hard to see what they are talking about, because so far in my playgroup of 7-ish people the deck has won 8 out of the 11 games I've played. The other three were against really well made Kaalia and Merin decks. To me, if a deck is better than a majority of casual decks it's really not that bad. Obviously I'll be replacing a lot of cards with things like Omnath and Gitrog, but it's still not at all a bad deck out of the box.

    The deck also tends to do really well when people gang up on you. It can recover quickly from board wipes, and has the creatures necessary to attack and keep some back to defend. It will certainly get loads better with the above mentioned cards, but still..

  6. Salty Cassius is the best Cassius. 🙂 Sad he didn't pick up the W with Estrid, though. Definitely looks like my kind of deck. WALUE!!

  7. Got confused trying to remember who the new guest was because I'm already so damned used to watching Kyle on youtube, the whole time it felt like he could have been a series regular! Always a good episode when I get to watch Cassius or Mel play too! This one was epic! Had no idea KH played MtG, let alone EDH!

  8. so, at 53:45, after the big reveal, Serra Avatar is destroyed by the High Priest of Penance, right? but in Josh's next turn he draws a few cards, activates Aminatou and put Serra Avatar on top of his deck and gets it back with Conundrum Sphinx.
    Can someone explain to me how the Avatar got from being destroyed to Josh's hand? Is there something I'm missing?

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